UFO-stilt house

the stilt house of a different kind.

A new kind of stilt house variants for young and old.

This stilt house impresses with its unique patented design and advantageously has a futuristic appearance due to its round design of the base body, which attracts a lot of attention.

The "skylight dome" creates an indescribable friendly atmosphere within the stilt house.

The stilt house can be used as a party house, play house, sauna, shisha bar, office, sleeping pulpit, Carport, small house, overnight accommodation as an advertising medium or the like.

The space under the stilt house is not lost and can be used as a seat.

With the ingenious construction by decoupling the outer and inner sheets made of aluminum with rubber profiles, it can be used all year round without any problems.

In addition, of course (XPS) thermal insulation panels with a thermal conductivity group of 0.35 are installed.

When choosing materials, great importance was attached to high-quality, easy-care and weather-resistant materials.

All visible screws, nuts and washers are of course made of stainless steel.

The powder-coated tubular steel frames with the powder-coated outer and inner walls made of aluminum are absolutely easy to care for and made to last.

Any RAL color is available for powder coating.

The interior is made of high quality synthetic leather and is available for selection

there are 27 colors.

It is a patented stilt house for accommodating people (meeting room).

This stilt house is available as a complete kit that can be assembled and disassembled within a very short time.

The stilt house only has to be fixed via 3 point foundations for permanent installation.