Frequently asked Qustions

Do I need a building permit?

That is different in every federal state, you should definitely inform yourself beforehand.

In this case, no building permit was necessary, it was treated like a carport because only point foundations were needed for fixation.


Is it hot in the stilt house in summer?

Thanks to the sophisticated construction, the inside temperature is approx. 3-5 ° cooler inside than outside. The 3mm XT plexiglass windows are covered with a high-quality 35% heat-repellent and 99% - UV - sun protection film. This makes it very pleasant to stay in summer with a small self-built fan. Due to the high-quality film, a view from outside into the stilt house is not possible. This ensures privacy.


How big is the usable area?

The diameter is 3.6 meters, the total height is approx. 4 meters, the correct usage volume is approx. 18-20sqm. The passage under the stilt house is about 1.9 meters high. The access has a length of approx. 2 meters.


Is the stilt house also available with short legs?

A version with short legs is of course possible on request. The entry height is then about 40-50cm.


How can you ventilate the stilt house?

Ventilation takes place via an 8 mm thick XT plexiglass window on the roof, which is adjustable in height. This makes it possible to set the exact amount of air. The entrance or lower flap can also be opened to ensure proper ventilation.


You can also rent the stilt house

Yes, the stilt house can of course also be rented, but only from 2020 to try it out for events, trade fairs, advertising media, etc.


Is the stilt house insulated?

Thanks to the ingenious construction, the powder-coated aluminum outer and inner sheets are decoupled by a distance of 30mm from each other by rubber profiles, so that no heat or cold can be transmitted from the outside to the inside. This means that the interior can be cooled or heated extremely quickly thanks to the powder-coated aluminum sheets.

In addition, of course (XPS) thermal insulation panels with a thermal conductivity group of 0.35 are installed.


Can the stilt house also be used in winter?

Of course you can also use it in winter. Thanks to the sophisticated construction and the additional thermal insulation panels, use in winter is possible without any problems. With a self-installed electric heater, the interior heats up very quickly and a feel-good factor is guaranteed.