Product description

The meaning of UFO

Unbelievably Fascinating Object

This is a kit that can be easily assembled or dismantled in one day with two adults. All components are easy to assemble so that they cannot be mixed up. The diameter of 3.6 meters is completely sufficient and suitable for a maximum of 8 - 11 people. The total height can be selected up to approx. 4 meters, the interior height in the middle is approx. 2.4 meters high. The total weight of the complete kit is approx. 1200 kg. The 12 Plexiglas windows are covered with a heat protection film so that the interior cannot heat up in summer. The sophisticated design means it can be used all year round without any problems. Of course, insulation is also installed with a thermal conductivity group of 0.35. When selecting materials, great emphasis was placed on high-quality, easy-care and weather-resistant materials. The stilt house has a rubber industrial studded floor of the best quality that is thermally insulating, very resilient and robust. The entrance is accessible with a large flap that automatically opens upwards and a small flap that opens downwards. For fixed installation depending on the height, the stilt house only needs to be fixed using 3 point foundations. All visible screws are of course made of stainless steel. Any RAL color is possible for powder coating. The interior design is freely selectable and available to choose from there are 27 colors. Your own material requests are of course also possible! This is a patented stilt house to accommodate people (meeting room). Of course, special requests are happy to be fulfilled. Made in Germany